Patreon won't let me post vertical photos

I was trying to upload some vertical photos to my patreon page, but patreon keeps automaticlly rotating them to a horizontal photo. Is there any way I can rotate them back or prevent patreon from auto rotation them?

Are you posting them directly from your phone? I always get rotated images when I do that, and I think it’s more to do with the phone. If that is the case, edit your photos (even if you have to do a full rotation), save them, and try uploading then. That usually fixes it for me.

No, I was using my PC

Did they originally come from your phone?

If so, you need to open the image either in your phone or on your PC and edit them. On your phone, you need to crop it just a little and re-save it. This will change the data in the image that dictates its orientation. (Some websites read the orientation in specific ways, some will auto rotate properly, some won’t. I have this issue with Hootsuite all the time, but uploading directly to twitter has no issue. It’s just the programming of the site and how it handles images. Phones save your image with orientation based on how you hold your phone.) On your PC, sometimes just rotating the image and rotating it back to where you want and saving it works (just in the file explorer) but sometimes you may need to open it in editing software, even paint will do, crop a tiny bit and re-save. this should fix the issue if the images originally come from your phone. (Sometimes, opening it in editing software will show its true orientation, so just rotate it to the right orientation you need and re-save and it should also fix the issue.)

From Patreon Community Happiness answers!

When a photo is taken, the device the photo was taken with should encode invisibly into the photo if it was taken horizontally or vertically. When you place such a photo into Patreon, we should detect that invisible data, and show it back to you at the proper orientation.

This is most likely actually not something happening on Patreon but in the way your photo is saved. If you do a quick search on google for this issue, you’ll see that it happens to a lot of people - I pasted an article below that I found that has helped other users flip their pics in the past!

Also quick tip: If you rotate the picture in an image editor and save it, then rotate it back and save it, it works. It’s a weird fix, but it should work for now and the future.

The photos never entered my phone, they were taken with a professional
camera and then e-mailed to me

The fixes given (cropping or changing the orientation and changing it back, on your PC ) will likely still help you here. Sometimes devices save things oddly or don’t get read properly by the receiving device, professional camera or not.

Try editing one as 3 people have advised you, and see if it works. If it doesn’t, you can contact support directly.

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