Patreon Wordpress Plugin Problems

I submitted a ticket asking for help a few weeks ago now with no reply from Patreon Support yet, and I’m not sure what else to do. Patrons are trying to sign in and sent me a screenshot of the error. I used the troubleshooting suggestions and everything appears to be entered correctly, I can’t figure it out. 80528180_10157870899949031_6986192081391714304_o|690x255


This is so weird! I have been having good luck with the plug in so far. I’m following to see how this pans out too! @mindy have you already seen this?

Go to Patreon Developers forum and post your issue in the Wordpress plugin section. You should get help within a few hours.


As Stan said, you can get support for the WP plugin at developers forum whenever you have an issue:

That particular issue happens when the redirect uri value in your plugin settings at your WP site does not match the redirect uri value saved in the Patreon app details page.

There are two solutions for this:

1 - If you are able to use ‘Reconnect’ or 'Disconnect buttons in ‘Patreon settings’ menu in your WP admin, you can disconnect and reconnect your site to Patreon and fix it.

2 - Or you can visit the below page and copy the redirect uri value from ‘Connection settings’ section at ‘Patreon settings’ menu in your WP admin. And then paste it to the same field in app details for your site:

3 - If all of the above fail, and you get some kind of error while using those buttons or it somehow doesnt work, you can delete the app listed for your in the above page.

If you encounter any kind of issue, just post it on the forum i linked earlier and we can sort it out.

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currently i am trying to add the plugin to my WordPress website and since there are multiple author on it, i want to ask is there any way to add Multiple Patreon account to a single website?

( New to the forum, can’t find a way to create a thread, so am just posting to the threads which seem relevant )

I believe i responded to this in another thread. Gating post by connecting a single site to multiple Patreon accounts is not currently possible. You can use a WP multisite (subdomain, domain or subfolder) and give each author their own subsite to do that.

And widgets plugin allows you to insert different widgets for different authors and link (only link) them to their relevant Patreon accounts.