Patreon WordPress Plugin

Hi all, I created a WordPress plugin that uses the Patreon oAuth API to connect patreon users with the WordPress user accounts. This let’s you control who can see could content based on a users Patreon contribution.

I have been working with a few patrons of mine to polish it into a very smooth experience for both creators and patrons alike.

Developing features for this thing is my priority now but to ensure I am spending time on worthwhile tasks I really need feedback on the direction to take.

You can read about it here:

Specifically I need to understand exactly what people want out of a WordPress plugin. All feedback is appreciated!!

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Some ideas that might be cool:

  • Access to parts or posts on the site based on a patron’s role
  • Basic customizable information displays (e.g., put on a button that in addition to asking people to become a patron, shows how many patrons you have, how close you are to your milestone, etc., and embed it into your site)
  • A feed that shows recent patreon posts summarized or contained within a widget
  • A widget to show current supporters would also be cool. It could vary according to tiers. (E.g., just displays tiers that are selected)