Patreon & Wordpress

There’s some UX flow issues with this, I think:

When someone clicks the “unlock with Patreon”, it does NOT open a new window & just spits you first to a login screen. You log in and you’re dumped onto your Patreon dashboard. That’s not helpful. It should open a window, allow you to log in, and then redirect you to the donation page.

Since I can’t donate to myself, I’m not sure what happens next – does anyone know if it signs you up AND takes you back to the original blog posting on your wordpress site? If it doesn’t, it should!

II: When sharing via Wordpress, patreon’s lock fails completely.

If you are using Patreon’s Wp plugin, that shouldnt be happening - you should be logged in and redirected back to the unlocked content.

However if the login at Patreon requires device verification (code thats emailed to you) then you may end up at Patreon dashboard instead of getting redirected to your unlocked content.

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