Patreon: You have 48 hours to explain yourself or unblock my page

According to your email, and I quote:
“We are writing to let you know that your account is currently suspended because it violates our Community Guidelines.
If you want to reactivate your account, please read the Community Guidelines carefully and make any necessary updates to your creator page. If you have any questions, please answer directly to this email and a member of the team will be in touch as soon as possible.”
“Content that can be viewed publicly on the site cannot contain nudity or adult content. Adult content includes any implied nudity, full rear view nudity, or visible nipples or genitalia.”

My page contains none of the described content. There is no public nudity. Anything and everything is covered with censor bars or other objects. No full rear, full frontal, nipples, genitals, etc.

Looking up the definition of implied nudity: “Implied nudity is just what it sounds like: photos where nudity is suggested, but the viewer can’t be certain precisely how undressed the model is. … There are two ways of achieving implied nudity in photos. The first is to make someone look as if she or he is naked when really, they’re not.”
Seems an absurd reason to block anything especially as art is concerned. Still, there is none of this in any of my posts.

I run a business. I’ve been running it since 2000. This is my business. It is how I feed my family and pay not just myself but other artists and programmers who rely on the income. And you are screwing it up with your inconsistent behavior.
I don’t need you. It’s nice to have you, but you are just another stream of residual income that I can replace with something else.

THIS RIGHT HERE is your terrible policies coming back to bite you.

So, I’ll give you 48 hours. If you can’t reinstate my page or explain EXACTLY why you suspended my page (your linked community guidelines are vague at best and provide no reason or explanation), I’m done with you.

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