Patreon's actions on content creators who trace art?

It’s kinda sad that my first and maybe the only post in a while will be of a such topic, but as people would normally say - I’m butthurt. And I has been for more than 2 weeks (!) now.
I won’t provide any links right now because like I said I’m new and I have no idea what is welcome and what is not, but the thing is that there is one patreon creator who has been making more that 1000 usd per month with his so called “paywall” content which is traces of other artists works and even animations. (There’s plenty of proof)

And now finally for the topic. I read community guidelines and it says that patreon would take action if they receive a “valid DMCA takedown notice”. Does it mean that unless original content creators who this person stole (traced) from report him no action will be taken? How long does it take patreon to react on feedback from “Patreon: Report A Campaign” petitions?

Also Hi everyone, nice to meet you. I hope I didn’t do anything wrong with this post thing. :smiley:

Pretty much, yes. The owner of the piece that is being infringed upon needs to contact them. This is common on most places/sites.

Take screenshots of what you see and show the artist the work belongs to and link them to the part of patreon FAQ states the DMCA part and any relevant info on what patreon requires for it. Then thay can take matters into their own hands. (And if they have questions, or you do, i guess you can always contact support.)

As for how long patreon takes to respond to these specifically, i have no idea. I wouldn’t think it’d be much different from their usual queue but i have no idea.

Also hi! And no i think you’d just fine with this post :smiley:

Just as I thought it would be. Somewhat sad news, but at least I am somewhat more calm. Thanks for a reply.

I believe you’re going to run into a small problem though. Tracing someone else’s art isn’t actually illegal. In fact the law would interpret it as parody at the most. If you could catch the person using a whole, and unaltered piece of someone’s work, then there would be a case.

This isn’t exactly true.

It’s still illegal but it’s a civil offense, not a criminal. You very much can be subject to the law for it still, as it still becomes a copyright matter. Under no point / precedent is it interpreted as a parody.

It’s just not like you’ll have someone thrown in jail over it. Most would be a fine if it’s a registered copyright.

He advertises his Patreon uploads as “drawing made by me” and in cases where he traces someone else’s picture I believe it can be -kinda- viewed as misinformation of his patrons. Even if somehow the tracing would be fine and viewed as parodies law wise, it is still a misinformation because he is hiding the fact that he uses art drawn by other artists for his “parodies”. (By hiding I imply that he not only not mentions it anywhere on his page but also deletes any mention of this from the comments)
In other words providing a misinformation in order to make more money on Patreon should be against the rules, right?

That’s cool. I wouldn’t expect you to just believe any random person on the internets. :slight_smile:

There’s plenty of gray area in the laws of course. That’s why they have lawyers. Best shot is to try and contact those you feel he’s ripping off and let them know what’s happening.

When it comes to “feeling” I feel as if he is ripping me off by making so much dosh by tracing others. Hue.

You know a quick google search invalidates your comment, right? There’s zero point in being passive aggressive as well.

That’s an informative post. Thanks. Still a matter of dark gray vs light gray. I have no idea what level the accused it tracing. Maybe it will help the original poster. Not passive aggressive either. I’ve just found there’s really no point in being argumentative on the internet.

Keep in mind that these laws are different in many places. To be accurate to Patreon you need to look up the specific laws that affect the county and state that their company, and in some cases where their servers are located, to see what laws affect content on Patreon.

Patreon staff should know what laws apply to then in these cases.

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I would add that in this specific case, please send a message into our Community Happiness team who can work you and our Trust and Safety team to investigate. It’s hard when we don’t have specifics, so it’s much easier to sort through in a 1:1 conversation.
You can do so here: