Patreons cancelling before payment date

Hi All, I’m new to patreon and still figuring out the best way way to move forward with it. Disappointingly my first two patreons pledged and then cancelled before their payment date. I’ve put a couple of hours video content on my page to test the water at the moment but these first two encounters don’t inspire me to release any more content. Is this a normal occurrence that patreons subscribe and then cancel before they have to pay ?

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Hi there!

Is totally normal that this can happen. When I was starting I got a lot of these too.
But since I have a lot of content, my Patreons pay the subscription right away, and not at the end of the month. But I remember that it is recommended for Creators that can offer a large amount of content when someone subscribes.

I believe you have to focus on creating even more content and show it to the world via social media or whatever you want. Don’t let this upset you.

In the end of the day, the Patreons that stay with you is the ones that really want to support you ^^

Thanks for the advice, makes sense

Unfortunately, yes, it’s pretty common. I’ve read about this happening to a lot of other creators which was why I decided to go with the pay up front option for mine. Another way around this issue that I’ve seen accounts use is to deliver the content files directly to the patrons after they’ve had a subscription for a set amount of time. It’s more work and may not work as well with video content, but it’s another way to protect against ‘grab-and-go.’

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Thanks Laura, I’ve decided to go with the pay up front option, I’m creating a lot of new content and it just feels right. There’s nothing worse than getting the excitement from a new pledge to having the disappointment when it’s then cancelled the day before payment’s due !

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