Patreon's currency conversion only applies to "new" tier-style?

I recently received some strange feedback which lead to a patron reaching out to me with a frustrating experience; my top tier is $13, but as they were in another currency, the tier displayed as 12.50 euros. After pledging, they realized they did not have access to some posts, and left some frustrated feedback. At my top tier, they should have access to all content.

The reason they did not have access was because current posts are tied to the tier; however, as I first joined in 2016, many of my older posts are tied to pledge amount, which was how Patreon used to distinguish pledge tiers. So they had paid 12.50 in euros, but because those older posts are set at $13 usd, they cannot not view them.

My question is, is this a bug which will be fixed, or do I have to go back and edit hundreds of posts one by one to update them to the current tier structure so that folks who pay less than the number 13 after converting currency will actually be able to access them?

Apologies if this has been addressed; I scrolled around a bit but haven’t found anyone experiencing this specific problem.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Edit: If you don’t know what I mean by “new” style and “old” style, here is an example of when I click to edit an “old” style post.

Again, I could fix this manually by updating them all to the current tiers, but it’s literally hundreds of posts, so I’m not really looking forward to it. If most people no longer have posts in this format then I could understand why Patreon wouldn’t include these post types in the currency project. I guess I just want to know whether it is a bug or not, so I can either get to work updating these manually or if I should submit this info as a bug.


This has been requested numerous times in other threads and Patreon has resolutely refused to fix it or provide any tools to automate it. The only option is a lot of manual work to reclassify your posts. I did it, wasting hours and hours which would have been used to create more content.

Yeah, it’s not all related to the currency conversion. I created new tiers and any posts that were new style that patrons should have automatically been able to see now had to be updated to add that tier as available. It was a pain.

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I don’t know if I communicated correctly… This issue is that my top tier is 13. The conversion causes my top tier to be 12.50 in euros for some people. They pay 12.50 in euros, which should still equal 13 usd. But I assume it’s only looking at the number and not converting currency for these older tiers. So I have a tier which they pay the equivalent of $13 for and then they cannot see the $13 content. This is a new issue specifically caused by the conversion. Before this, my tiers still worked fine because the amount paid was exactly the same and they were still able to see all those posts. People who pay in USD are currently still able to see all those posts.

I know that the old vs new tier has been an issue for awhile and that patreon refuses to give us any tools to convert them. I’m asking whether the currency conversion is supposed to apply to these tiers as well, given that I’m sure many creators who have been on this site more than 2 years likely have some posts in that status.

Edit: I should add, I didn’t turn on currency conversion early, so this is literally the first patron I got who pledged with a converted currency. They couldn’t access the things they paid for, and literally rage quit in less than a day. It’s just… a really bad first experience with a tool which was ostensibly implemented because it boosted patrons.


Hi. I am having the same problem. Did you resolve the issue?


If it helps, I explained the problem to my patron and they chose to come back and manually increase their pledge to 13 euros, which worked for accessing the posts that they wanted. So if you have someone who is really desperate to access some posts, they can probably get them that way. But obviously, messaging every person who pledges with a foreign currency and telling them “hey, patreon SAID that this tier was this price but it causes THIS problem so you actually have to pay a DIFFERENT price that you have to input manually” is not a good long term solution.

Thanks a lot. I was able to fix this. I realized that most of my posts could be seen by the amount pledged and not by tier. Once I manually changed them to tier (600 posts lol), my patrons could access the lessons.

Thanks for your help.

Just wanted to add one more post to express my disappointment with this situation and Patreon’s (lack of) response. I’ve been coming to the patreoncommunity page less and less because, lately, I have seen less and less responses from Patreon officials in general, and less responses which do little more than say “well, we tested this change and patrons say they want it so we are going forward whether creators like it or not.” I didn’t expect special treatment, as the issue at the core of this is obviously something that has been affecting other folks for some time and it seems like I showed up late with my feedback (which apparently wouldn’t have mattered at the time anyway). But seeing as it was a new effect of a problem Patreon itself created, I had hoped that there was a chance for some help; even a rough-around-the-edges dev tool that just let us mass convert our posts to the new format, if you’re not actually going to build the currency conversion into the background.

Guess I’m off to click through and edit hundreds of posts in Patreon’s frustrating endless loading posts page.

To anyone who finds this thread later who needs help with this problem: yes, you need to go back and edit all of the posts which are giving you trouble and update them to the new tier format. This includes any posts you made before approximately mid November, 2018. An easy way to find which posts are giving you trouble is to click “Filter by tier”; you can sort which posts are tied to a number from the ones tied to a name. But then, yes, you’ll have to edit them one by one from there. Good luck :v:


Hi @reapersun,

Sorry for my delay here. As a small team, it can be difficult to respond to every topic. I saw a few other creators responded with the correct info, so I left the topic alone, though I apologize for doing so.

I wanted to let you know that I have seen your feedback. I understand that going back and manually editing multiple posts is a frustrating task - bulk editing is on our radar but I don’t have any updates or a timeline I can share with you. As for your patrons access at 12,50 euro’s, I have noted this experience and will be surfacing it to the team in a feedback meeting tomorrow.

Thank you for taking the time to provide your feedback.