Patron data for un-pledged accounts

Okay I have run into the same issue that I run into a lot these days, and I’m ready to flip tables in frustration! :triumph:

Here is the issue:

A Patron has had trouble with their pledge payment processing. So they decided to remove their pledge and contact the Patreon support. (They did not hear back from the support after a week)
They made a new account because they believed that something with their old account was broken, and pledged with their new account.

In the meantime, the pledges on their old account apparently got finally processed correctly, as they happily told me.

And I had to tell them: “I have no way to verify this. Patreon does not show me any of this, sorry.”

  • Because they unpledged, all of their records were deleted from all of my post pledge lists
  • Their Patron profile page does not show that they supported me in the past
  • There is no record of their past (or total) pledge contributions
  • There is not even a mention that I got money from them after they unpledged, even though they got charged!!
    Did the money wind up on my account? Did Patreon take all of it and kept it for itself? I literally can’t tell!!!
    If they would ask for a refund, I couldn’t give them any because they are in 0 of my lists!
    This makes me feel like I’m stealing money from them in a criminal way and it is a horrible feeling.

This situation has been going on for a longer while, ever since Patreon removed virtually every bit of useful information from the Patron profile pages.

How am I supposed to verify things if a simple act such as an un-pledge completely blocks my access to this type of information?
This needs URGENT FIXING. Not in 2 years after many promises!

  • At the very least keep Patrons in the Post lists, but highlight that they are currently not an active Patron anymore, by turning their line grey or adding a warning sign or something, point being, you still show their pledge data so it is clear if their pledges were processed.
  • Or a noticable mention on a Patron profile page that says “Has supported you in the past!”, together with their total pledge sums paid.
  • As an added bonus, you could add a line that says "last seen as your Patron on [date at which they unpledged].

Please! You literally have all of this data in your database, so expose it to the creators! It doesn’t even have to be fancy, you can splurt out a totally unformatted ugly table and I’d be super happy with it!


Agree with the above. For example, there is no opportunity to recapture pledges from Patrons who delete their pledges as a result of things related to Patreon’s service (i.e. new fee structure).

you can kind of get there manually if you want to dick around in excel… here’s how you’d do it (kinda):

Download the various reports and import them as sheets into excel.

Then use =sort(UNIQUE({sheet1!C2:C;shee2!C2:C}))to create a master list of unique email addresses.

And then create columns to the right for each month you want to check for (i.e. the number of sheets you imported) and use =countif to test the email address in column A against the email address in column C across each sheet. 1 = they pledged in that month; 0 = no pledges.

This doesn’t even tell the full story about the relationship and it’s super dumb that this isnt just backed into the product.

I’m already juggling around with an exotic cocktail of .csv files and comparison tools and try to match things manually, just on the individual payment level this is a ton of work @_@ And sometimes i’m too slow and don’t save any reports for several weeks, and then notice that several people dropped out before I managed to get an idea about how much (if any) they successfully were charged for so yeah… :sob:

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