Patron is unable to update CC with new expiration date

Here is what he wrote to me:
“Other than censorship, Patreon also cannot allow patreons to update credit card expiration dates so my monthly pledge is denied until Patreon can fix their clumsy web site. I followed their protocol for credit card updating numerous times without success for two days. I reported the problem to them without a response.”

Can I get a bit of personal attention with this, please?

Oh, oh, I’ll take some personal attention too! My patron having the most trouble actually went through with submitting a ticket, and didn’t hear back, and he’s still in “fraud” status.

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Wow - that is pretty likely to alienate a patron. :frowning:

I’ve been seeing an unusual spike in declined cards too btw

Thankfully, mine has been resolved this morning. Not sure how (what was done that made the difference), but when I checked he’s been processed.

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My patron is listed as “other”.

hi @RubyRyder - can you let me know where your patron reported the problem? if it was to the support team, please send me the ticket ID so I can flag it for attention today.

@ammulder happy to hear it was resolved this morning!

Patreon never responded, so he had no ticket number. Sending you his email in a PM.

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Happy to report this bug has now been fixed! Cards now have an “update” option available, allowing patrons to enter new card data if their bank sends them a new card or they need to update their billing info.