Patron Longevity Misreported in Manager

Realized recently looking at my Patron Manager (which is getting better and better – so much better than ever before – thank you!) that the patron’s longevity (where it says on the right “Your patron for -xx-- months” only pertains to the tier they are in RIGHT NOW – if a patron increases/decreases/changes their pledge, apparently that longevity beginning with their initial patronage is lost in transit in the system.

I realize a lot of coding is probably required to change this . . . but it also scared me b/c I was going through thanking my patrons and realized a person I was about to thank for 3 months of patronage has been with me A LOT longer than that, and that kind of blunder on my part from not having the information in front of me could harm my patron relationship ;-/ I realize I can/should probably do this manually, but . . . Feature Request~ into the bucket, please. Thanks again.