Patron Manager design feedback

In Discord, we were discussing the latest change to Patron Manager. I wanted to make a thread here to capture the feedback in a place that our internal teams can follow up with more questions :slight_smile:


I was super surprised that “Manager” took me to “Relationship Manager” today. I never made the jump over to using the Benefits Tracker, as I like to send out all my rewards at once whether all payments have gone through or not. 99% of mine go through by the end of the month anyway, so I don’t worry about it. If oldschool Manager is ever disabled completely, I’m going to have to keep checking back on Benefits Tracker throughout the month to see if a late processed patron needs something shipped out, which is both a pain and a hassle, as that means frequent trips to the post office to send out one item each time.

Having Manager’s big ol spreadsheet with everyone’s subscribed tier, email, and physical addresses is just so much more convenient for me than how Relationship Manager & Benefits Tracker currently work.


Hey @thelatestkate! I may be misunderstanding what you’re saying, but: the “Manager” link in your navigation should still take you to a different page than “Relationship Manager” :+1:

Patron Manager, the page that the “Manager” link takes you too, looks different (it does look a bit more like Relationship Manager now!), but it should still allow you to do all the same things as the old one – message all your patrons, mark rewards as delivered, see their payment history, refund payments, block users, filter your patrons to only message/mark-complete subsets of them based on those filters, and more :smiley:

Relationship Manager:
Patron Manager:

Hey @david, I see what you’re saying, it is a different page, and I admit to not poking around as much as I should have before writing my post. I could make this work if the old Manager got disabled, it’s just a little inconvenient to have shipping addresses accessible on a popup window rather than just copy and pasting from the spreadsheet.

Sorry to cause confusion!


No worries! It’s always good for us here to realize that there are costs to making tools look similar :sweat_smile:

To make sure I’m understanding the shipping address issue correctly: you preferred the old interface, where the shipping address was hidden at first, but by clicking it once you could make it visible, and then you could copy directly that one address from that one cell? Vs the new one, where you have to click “More”, then look for the “Shipping” section under “contact info” and click the little “copy” button on the right?

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My issue with the new UI on the Manager page is that there are no longer sections for quick selections for multiple tiers to send messages to. They are all hidden under a drop down, which is entirely unhelpful when i need to select multiple tiers to send the same message to. Luckily, i have few patrons but even with ~30 it’s a pain to double check i’m selecting the right people when before there was a “select all” for each tier right on the main page and i could select however many tiers i needed to at once.


Correct, for the way I do rewards (I ship out 250+ packages monthly), having address info for all patrons visible on one page rather than clicking a link to access that info one-by-one would be easier for me.

Thanks for hearing my feedback!


Thanks @Temrin, that’s great feedback! We’ll look into making it so you can select multiple tiers from the tier selection dropdown so you can message multiple tiers at the same time.


Thanks! That’d be great. (And with the option to Select All, as well as JUST processed folks and JUST declined folks. Like before.)

Sadly, the “select all” feature from the old page did not work for lots of creators (creators would forget who they had selected once they scrolled away and be upset by sending rewards to the wrong patrons, or the number of rows it selected would slow the page to a crawl and make the tool very hard to use, or a number of other creator complaints). I know it’s a new flow to learn, but our hope is that on the new page you can use the filters to filter down to the set of patrons you want to message (e.g., your $5 tier and $10 tier, only declined patrons) and then use the message button at the top of the page to message that precise set of patrons.

I’m okay with that flow as long as we have the option of selecting all/processed/declined from that filtered list in the end.


For sure! And thanks for understanding :smiley:

You should be able to select all/processed/declined to message only those patron payment statuses already – it’s just the “select both $5 and $10 tiers” feature that we’ll have to go build. Please let us know if that payment-status-based-filtering isn’t working for you!

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Honestly, the old manager worked just fine for me. I feel like this is an unnecessary change, fixing something that isn’t broken.

I don’t like that the various tiers are no longer separate sections, and that the patrons are in one big list.

On my desktop (Win 7 PC), when I click on More, and the individual patron box pops up, there’s no option to scroll down. Since I use the manager mainly to get patron addresses for physical rewards each month, this is a real pain in the butt. I liked the old way, where I could just click, and get a quick drop down of their address.

Please just dump this update, and go with what we already have.


Just looking at this kind of quickly, but I don’t see a way to individually choose specific patrons to message? We frequently want to message several patrons at once, chosen by specific criteria that we have. (For example, we want to message the newly declined patrons but not include in that message patrons who have been declined for a while and have already been messaged.) Is there still a way to do this?

@FutilityCloset There are two ways to message one patron at a time:

  1. Click the checkbox in their row, then click the “message” button at the top of the page, or
  2. Click the “more” button in their row, then click the “message” button in the modal that pops up

If you want to message multiple specific patrons at once, you can select multiple checkboxes and then click the “message” button at the top of the page.

For your specific use case, it sounds like you could:

  1. Use the “Payment Status” filter to only show your declined patrons
  2. Use the “last attempted payment” column to sort so that you see the patrons who have attempted a payment most recently
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@lisavollrath happy to hear the old one was working for your use cases, but it was so full of bugs that it was one of the biggest pain points across the whole site for our support team, and it was so out-of-date as to be nearly unmaintainable. We had even gone as far as never showing it to all new creators who signed up in the last year or so, it was so slow and broken!

Regarding the separate sections – the patrons should still be sorted by tier by default and should indicate which tier they are in. You can also use the tier filter to further narrow down which tier’s patrons you’re looking at, just to be sure. Our team can also look into bringing back those old “separator” rows if that’s what you’re looking for? Can you talk a bit more about what value they brought, and what you’d like them to do in the new design?

Regarding the inability to scroll the pop-up “more…” modal – we’re unable to reproduce that on our end, on PC or Mac (or Linux for that matter). Do you have any more information we could use to try to debug? Browser and browser version, perhaps?

The latest edition of Chrome. All I get is the pop up box, with no scroll bar to get down to the address. I can only see it if I highlight some text, and use the down arrow button to navigate to it. Since pretty much all I do in the patron manager every month is grab addresses for physical rewards, this new situation is useless.

Every month, I make and send postcards to my $30+ patrons. In the old manager, I can see exactly how many people are in those tiers at a glance. In this new one, there’s just a list of patrons, and column displaying the tier they’ve selected is truncated. It’s like I have to hunt to see where the cut off is for postcard patrons, instead of it being clearly delineated. It seems counter intuitive: why wouldn’t you clearly display the tier each patron has chosen like it was in the old manager?

Why not fix the bugs, and keep the layout, and the ease of use, like being able to simply click and view the address? Why go to this ridiculously scrolly thing that takes away clear delineation of tiers? Why turn it into a screen almost identical to the Relationship Manager?


Yes, this.

That was the only reason I used patron manager. The tiers were clearly distinguished and I could select the entire tier with a single click to message everyone in that tier.


What I’m missing is that I no longer see the checkboxes that I used to use to message several patrons at once . . .

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Hey @FutilityCloset – You should see the checkboxes on the left side of each row, as in the photo below:

@Maarika – You should be able to select the tier you wish to message at the top of the page (see attached screenshot) and then click the “message” button to message everyone in the tier :+1:

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