Patron Manager SHOULDN'T show pictures!

So let’s be clear, what this is about. Iam using high resolution images for my patreon page, and they look exactly the way i want. You can check the look of my page here:

BUT the problem is, the system try to show those high resolution pictures in their original size in the Patron Manager and that way its a nightmare to even scroll down and find the people on the list. Those pictures don’t even fit in the monitor. Yes, you can ask, why am i using so large pictures? I think, pictures in smaller aren’t needed to Patron Manager either. There is no point to show pictures there, becouse that manager only contains statistics visible only to you.

I hope, my situation is clear, i show you on pictures:

Hey there! thank you for the feedback and raising this issue. I can see why this is frustrating to take up so much screen real estate! I’ve send it to the product team who has worked on Patreon Manager in the past and I’ll double check to make sure this isn’t a bug.

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