Patron Nicknames/Information

It’s a small suggestion but I feel it could be pretty useful. It’d be nice if we could nickname our patrons or add extra information about them. Maybe a bit like a contact book kind of thing. I have a lot of patrons that I know them by certain names but they use different names on Patreon so it’s hard to remember which is which especially when I need to contact one of them if there’s an error with their account or with sending one of their rewards.

Much better than if I blindly shout out “Which one of you guys is ####?”

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You can add notes about your patrons in the Patron Relationship Manager. Click on any name and under their info (on the right side ofthe screen) there is a box where you can add any information you need. I use it to keep track of what I sent to each person and when. Just don’t forget to save!


I’d actually be interested in this too, but the Relationship Manager version doesn’t quite do what I need. The information I put in the Relationship Manager isn’t included when I download a csv file either from the relationship manager or my patron manager, meaning that I can’t sort my patrons based on that info or import it into the programs I use to fulfill rewards, or even just have centralized, consistent monthly records with that info included. (I send a lot of personalized rewards, some by snail mail.)

If the Relationship Manager could just be tweaked so the “additional details” I add are included in the csv (specifically the monthly patron manager csv, which is what I use to deliver rewards), that’d be awesome. At least for me anyway. :slight_smile: