Patron Not Notified of Declined Payment

I just got a PM from a longtime follower, who became a patron on day one, fell off my patron list in December—saying she was surprised that Patreon was telling her she isn’t my patron when she’s logged in, and trying to click on patron-only posts. Apparently, she got a new credit card in December, and when her January pledge was declined, she was never notified.

I am so freaking mad about this! She just pledged again (at $35), but that’s seven months of patronage lost, because she wasn’t notified her card was declined.

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I actually just noticed this exact issue recently. A few of my patrons were denied and did not even know.

I have seen one or two “denied” or “declined” payments in my payment-history, too.

It would be a sign of trustworthyness if Patreon could publicly comment on this instead of - again - seemingly ignore their own “community-forum”. Seriously, Patreon, your “community” isn’t exactly pumping with life, having a look at what is going on around here and getting involved really would raise my trust in your service right now.

I am not mad like Lisa because of the denied payments, more because I feel like this whole thing is not thought through very well, it looks and feels - to me! - like some students made up a “cool thing”, dabbled with it and then forgot that there are actual people using it. I honestly apologize if this sounds more dismissive than it is meant. I am really only voicing my feelings about “yet another ‘community’ thing just that has been invented to be taken over for a billion dollar in two years”.

Please do interact. Here. Show that you care. Your system has some flaws and we are trying to discuss those. PLEASE do take part in those discussions - because you do not know it better without that kind of feedback.


I got the boilerplate “it must be because your patron marked it as spam” response to this complaint on Facebook, despite pointing out that this particular patron has been following me on various sites for over a decade, with no issues.

This is frustrating, because every issue I post about, or email support about, gets that same response. Oh, it must be something your patron is doing wrong. Does it not seem strange to anyone that someone can continue interacting with a creator for seven months, and not be told they’re no longer a patron?

Lisa, what you describe is the feeling I have been having about Patreon lately. It started with my Patreon settings having been “reset”, so that my Patrons didn’t get charged - when I told support about that, I got back some response that it must have been something I did wrong.

That’s why I would love to see them showing some interest in their community - here. I personally won’t ever do Facebook, but if that is the only way to publicly interact with them, well, I guess then that is a decision maker.

It is possible that we make mistakes. We being our patrons or ouselves. But a service provider - one that benefits from our work! - should always be interested in improving his service in order to avoid such mistakes. Telling us (again: patrons or ourselves) just that it’s all our fault just is saying one thing “Rule 1: We are always right. Rule 2: When in doubt read rule 1”.
In my world that is not the best approach to a partnership.


Hey there, I know this is an old thread, but hope that I can add to it… I am having this issue too, and wish we could “reset” the “declined once” flag for our patrons. I have some patrons who use a debit card and sometimes they forget to reload it… but they have no intention of cancelling their pledges. I (or they) should have the option to be reminded (and maybe how/when/how often they are reminded) about declines. As it stands, once they decline once, they are simply dropped with no notification if they ever decline again. Not good. See the article below:

which says, in part:

Please note that a patron will only ever have one declined bill. If they decline once, we will not continue to charge them for future months.

Instead they will be restricted from viewing patron-only content until they pay for their past due bill. They are essentially not a patron for future months until they’ve successfully paid the past due bill. Once the membership is paid for, they will regain access to your patron-only feed.

And here we are again almost a year later. One of my Patrons was declined and not notified. He wrote:
“My card won’t go through for no apparent reason; it’s not “declined” on my end. I’ve “updated” it, and still no joy.” he said he just paid with PayPal and that went through. We’ll see…

For the record, in most cases it isn’t the patron marking it as spam, but their email service.

I had this happen a couple of years ago personally, and the notice was sent, it was just thrown out by gmail as spam. And since I receive a few thousand spam messages every day, finding it in my spam folder required specifically searching for Patreon.

Thanks for your reply. It took a support ticket with Patreon to clear up the issue and apparently it was on their end. We’ll see what happens at the beginning of next month.

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