Patron-only posts without the blurry boxes

I’d like to use Patron-only posts to communicate with my Patrons, but I don’t want non-Patrons to have the ‘blurred out content’ experience. The UX is so cringeworthy that I can’t bring myself to do it.

So: I would like the ability to make Patron only posts that are not visible to non-Patrons. This isn’t content meant to seduce non-Patrons into joining, it’s literally just engagement with the community.

Think of it as the equivalent of a private forum where I can engage with Patrons, rather than walled-off valuable content.


Sounds like something for the Community tab which is being discussed here: The Community Tab on Our Patreon Pages
Currently, as I understand, you can’t post to it yourself (it’s for your patrons to post to and then you can respond), but if that was tweaked, a private forum is just what it would be.


Michael. Get out of my head! Just kidding. :wink: But really, the creator experience team is so on the same page with you. We’re actually working on a bunch of improvements to the locked post experience, and optionally making specific posts not show up in the feed for patrons who don’t have access is part of the discussion.

It’s wonderful to get some validation that that would be, in fact, useful to you! Feel free to leave any other feedback on the locked post experience here - it’s top of mind and actively being worked on. :slight_smile:


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Glad to hear you’re thinking about changing this, because advertising with locked posts is great but I’d love to give people a teaser or preview of some kind, because otherwise it’s on me to explain why people who are not already subscribed should do so without any peek or insight into why.

Example: the first paragraph of a longer piece of writing. A detailed close up of a patrons-only artwork. The first minute of a piece of music. Something to convince the unconvinced.


Yes, I’ve been thinking I’d like to have it along the lines of what you described: the top photo visible and just the first few sentences, to give non-patrons a taste of what they are missing. The option to make a post totally invisible to non-patrons would be good, too!


Do you think we could have some tweaks to Patreon Visual Design too? Like those horrible, disgusting, blurred-out, useless, scummy, amateur, inept, incompetent, hideous, ugly, unsightly category images on the left margin?

Sharing this with the design team!

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Too late! I can’t wait for Patreon to get it’s act together any longer. I’ve told my Patrons that I’m keeping my page open but I’m not going to be contributing to it any more. If they still want to support me, then that’s very kind of them.

Wish there were a downvote feature here for posts like this. First asking for feature requests with completely unnecessary and unhelpful insults. And then after just one day telling us it’s too late already. Sorry, but that his useless, hideous and so on — to use your words.


Born of frustration… you must admit that Patreon moves at glacial speed - like what ever happened to that membership mode survey?

… and you, a Typography Guru, how on earth can you defend those hose horrible, disgusting, blurred-out, useless, scummy, amateur, inept, incompetent, hideous, ugly, unsightly category images on the left margin? lol That’s what they are.

Where did I do that? I said not a single word about them. I merely commented on your style of criticism. It doesn’t logically follow that I must have some opposing view to what you said.

And no one can consider your criticism anyway, since it is completely nonconstructive. You just assert that something is supposedly bad—in a completely unnecessary hyperbolical way. You provide zero reasoning why it is bad, how it should look instead and so on. And even after I pointed all that out you just come back to double down on it instead of starting to get constructive.

No. At best, it’s your opinion, which should be presented as such and not as truth claim.

Okay, apologies. I’ve been doing some intense thinking and research about Patreon and understand that they have achieved a huge amount of what is probably an infinite to do list.

I’m rebooting my whole approach to Patreon. I totally get the membership thing now and I’m going forward in that spirit and mode.

Apologies for what I said about the Category Boxes but, as I see it, there really does need to be a way to index posts on Patreon. Otherwise, it is an incredible platform and pretty well has most things right so far.

At the moment, I have created one category for each box and added a block of colour to the only post which is tagged in that category. That means my five boxes are blank colours (though they are still overlaid with the grey fog) with white text - which is the name of the category that points to the single post.

Open that page and it is a list of links to posts that relate to different subjects that are of interest to my Patreons.

On clicking the link, of course, it only takes you to the half-opened post, so it is a two-step process. Not perfect - it feels like going back to web 1.0 html UI workarounds!

Text links in the margin, that link to opened posts, would be a simple solution. Even better if they could be nested or placed under index headings. I’ve attached an image to explain.

Images for the headings would be a dream come true!

I can’t be the only creator whose posts build into different streams of thought or even courses of tuition that need curating, organising and given simple access to? All the best.

***This is an edited addition. I found the image below on my “Build your page” page which exemplifies exactly what would be so great, if we could have something like this in our right-hand margins to lead patrons straight to the best, most-requested or featured content

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I think I might be in the minority, but I like the blurred boxes. It shows there are posts that non-Patrons could access by pledging and shows how much I post. In my case, that’s a good thing.

However, I do see the point about them possibly feeling like clutter to other creators so the idea of them being optional sounds great.

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