Patron only, publicly viewable polls

Since there is an option for number of times people can vote on polls, is it possible to get an option for patron only voting? This way the poll post could still be visible to potential patrons. I would like patron engagement visible to non-patrons to entice them into pledging.

I currently run a monthly poll and encourage non-patrons to join in to get them engaged in what I’m doing, but would at some point (when I have more than 16 patrons) like to shift to patron only voting and yet not hide the poll.


Man, I really, really, wish there was more poll functionality on Patreon, because getting quantatative customer feedback is VERY useful…in fact I almost solely rely on it now for decisions I make.

My suggestions are to include pictures of your polls in your main page video, or let the public answer a small poll first, which then may entice them into the one you really want them to join for.

I’ve been at the mercy of having to use google forms (great btw…sometimes the links you post that go to them in a patron post will actually show up as an iframe in the post…a huge bug patron has been told about but hasn’t fixed) or surveymonkey for more expanded poll stuff…you could also get fancy with the oauth api…

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I think what I might like more than this (now that I think on it a bit) is variable voting weights. So non-patron followers can vote, but their vote only counts as one, while a patron vote counts double. I don’t like excluding people who can’t afford to pledge, but I would like to have it be a bit of a perk for patrons and an incentive for those who may be considering patronage.

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Agreed. This would be very nice. I would also love to see options to include images with a poll to show examples of something if you have visuals.

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You can add images within the poll post, or did you mean images actually within the poll itself?

@Lochy Yeah, i don’t mean as an attachment/link in the description/HTML if that is working, I mean the same way you do with an image post. Drag and drop an image into the post, it shows above the description or in this case, above the poll/description. I find attachments sometimes get missed and for what I’m using them for, linking the image creates a lot more back and forth for my patrons. I try to keep things as simple and user friendly as i can. (Currently i use an image post, post the image and then just link an external poll in the description, which seems to work better then vice versa. It’d just be nice if you could do both. :grin: )

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