Patron Referral Links

It would be nice if my patrons could somehow get a referral link (or code) which give them a discount on their subscription when getting others to subscribe to my page.

I did a search here and see that someone requested this a few years ago. My guess is that this would be a natural feature for Patreon and could make it much easier to talk about these matters with ones subscribers.

My community is in a bit of a stand-still growth-wise at the moment and would love to give my subscribers a bit of extra incentive to share my page with their friends.


why patreon team. why? can’t you just do it. DM me, like u do for bogus spam messages. you are new to online forums, I was born before them.

Whatever other reasons they may have, a discount reduces their ‘cut’, which means it will cost them money to operate, unless they take a larger cut from the discounted patronage.

The whole point of it is to attract more subscribers which means more revenue for them in the long run.

And if one patron get a 5 euro discount when getting someone else to sign up for 5 euros per month, there is no loss of income.

It depends on the discount offered and the retention rate, things which have to be considered. And Patreon would need to look at how this was structured as well. I suspect that this is in the same ‘bucket’ as gift codes, which are even more of a bet on retention and future business.

I hear you @Michel. At the moment, we don’t have any plans to add gifting, promo codes, or referral links.

I know this isn’t exactly what you’re asking for, but we’ve just launched Annual Memberships where creators can offer up to 16% off an annual pledge for patrons (2 months free). This isn’t available for every creator just yet but we’re working on rolling it out to more creators soon.