Patron Reward Checklist

We all have different reward options, sometimes multiple rewards for people who pledge more, and some rewards that take multiple months to come into affect (eg. Pledge 3 months in a row and receive a shirt).

I currently have an excel spreadsheet where I transfer all the patrons who have paid every month, write up then check off which rewards have been completed, and which rewards require more than one pledge to keep count of who’s paid what in which month etc etc … it’s a process!! Not to mention, a few days later I’ll receive a new patron and need to go back to the spreadsheet and amend it to include the new patron… then a few days later another one … you get the drift.

When we list rewards on Patreon, we set them up as individual rewards - we give them a name, and they’re added to the list of rewards available for people to see on our page. Simultaneously, this reward list shows up on the Patron Manager Page (under the general description of each pledge tier). Could these somehow be represented instead by check-boxes that we can utilize to keep track of completed rewards?

Here’s a visual explanation of what I’m on about…

That way we can select the patrons who have received their reward, (tick the box next to their name on the left, then tick the reward/s that have been completed, and press a button called ‘SAVE’) or something - which in turn sends them a message on Patreon letting them know that those rewards have been processed and are either waiting for them on Patreon as a post, or in the mail heading towards them!

It not only would help us keep a really good handle on what’s been done for patrons who pledged at the beginning of the month, but for all patrons who have come on board and paid upfront during the month. Also, it would spike our Patron’s excitement because they’d be notified that they’ve got goodies coming/ awaiting them back on our patreon page.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this? Or do you handle these things differently? What’s your process to ensure that your rewards are met promptly every month and that no patron is left behind?


That would be a very handy idea. In the meanwhile I’m using the “notes” function in the patron relationship manager to jot down what I sent, when it’s a reward that requires personal sending.

I very much want this feature also, although I wonder if it gets complicated - do I need a rewards list that I can assign to each patron in order to make check boxes work?