Patron reward level changed without their knowledge

I’m wondering if anyone else has encountered this.

I have $3, $5, and $10 reward tiers. One of my Patrons, who pledges $12/month and has supported me for years, let me know he was having difficulty accessing his $5 rewards.

When I checked under the Relationship Manager, I noticed that it looked like he had only selected the $3/month reward level. (One of the “features” of Patreon is that you can select a lesser reward pledge level than you might otherwise have access to.)

When I brought this to his attention, he let me know that he had not changed it from the $10 level it was at previously. At that time, he also remembered it changing before, on February 29th, but that time he had caught it and brought it back to the $10 level.

I have heard from other folks over the past couple months who have suddenly intermittently developed difficulty accessing their Patreon rewards, but until now, I hadn’t checked for a reward tier mismatch.

Is this a known issue? Has anyone else experienced this?