Patrons can't opt out of giving their address?

i recently got an exit survery that looks like this:

is there no way for patrons to sign up and not give their address? this seems like a mistake.

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Yikes. There has been an opt out checkbox when I’ve pledges or updated pledges recently. Hopefully this gets looked into as that is gunna be a big problem.

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Check your tiers and make sure that there is no check in the box for ‘Ask for shipping address during pledge checkout’.

sorry, but this won’t really work.

there are tiers which offer both physical and digital rewards and patrons should be able to opt out of the physical rewards. maybe they live with their parents and don’t want them to see sexy postcards in the mail, or maybe they just don’t have a mailbox at the moment, but they still want to see my content and get the other rewards. it should still prompt patrons to enter their address if they want to.


Something like (This one is what it looks like if you view your memberships and you go to update your address.)
Is supposed to show up on the page when pledging to someone new, when someone signs up for a tier that asks for an address. (If you don’t ask for an address on the tier, i’m not sure they can submit an address at all but that’s besides the point.)

I’m certain it existed and have patrons who’ve opted out but I think it’s at the bottom of the signup thing so it might just not have been seen by your patrons. (or it’s an actual bug and not showing up. I haven’t done any further testing.)

UPDATE: I tried to pledge to someone who has a physical merch tier and i definitely don’t see anything about opting our of shipping stuff anymore. @reyna have you any idea where this may have gotten to or is it a think they need to do after signing up? (If it is meant to be done after signing up, that’s so extremely inefficient and hurts conversion if a person wants the other rewards but wants to opt out of the mail and can’t find the option to do so right away!)


i’m also running a special offer right now, which i thought might have been the reason for the mandatory address. but thanks for checking that it happened on another creator too.

the tier for the special offer doesn’t normally ask for an address, only for this offer. a patron should still be able to opt out of the special offer if they just want to be on that tier. i’m pretty disappointed that a basic feature that used to exist has cost me income.

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I agree whole heartedly. I have a special offer starting Sept 1st that will encounter the same issue and now I’m worried. :grimacing:

To be fair though, opening up the tier to sign up didn’t require or mention anything about an address from me AT ALL. Just payment info so I’m a little confused on what the actual process is for signups right now o.O

UPDATE: @simrell Just found this. It happens on a page AFTER you give payment info.

rubs temples


You may have to set up two tiers, one with and one without.


how would this work for special offers that only last one month? how is this simpler or more intuitive than just asking for an option for patrons to opt out?

Hey @simrell sorry to be chiming in so late! Still catching up on the weekend chatter on my end.

Like @Temrin said, during a new patrons pledge flow they’re not asked to enter a shipping address until after confirming their payment. Though there should be an option to opt-out of physical benefits. I will run it by the team to see if there is a bug, or why this may have happened to this patron. Hang tight!


thanks for looking into it reyna. it’s also entirely possible that the patron just… didn’t read everything haha. that happens pretty often too.

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