Patrons not appearing in the patron manager

I’ve had two sign-ups in the past few days. I get an email notification of the new patron, but when I click through to the patron manager to message them, they’re not found. When I back up to the email, however, and click on their profile link, I can see that they’re apparently a patron.

The email:


My patron manager:

Their profile:


I’m okay if you guys are having some sort of processing hiccup where it’s just taking a while for them to appear (I know you’re struggling with payment processing), but I hope they do eventually show up!

I am getting similar things :frowning: Am guessing it is all linked to whatever is going on with the new members processing. At the moment I have new patrons frustrated at not being able to access content too. And I am totally lost with who is actually a current member or not. Until the payments are processed I cannot afford to put out any content either. It is a really poor situation to be in

Hi @michaelprescott and @LisaAnnWatins, thanks for the post. This bug was part of the incident over the weekend and you should be seeing these patrons in your Patron Relationship Manager. If you’re still having issues, please write to our support team and they can take a deep look:

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Nope, it looks all good now.

In terms of that weekend hiccup, I suppose you guys just hit some sort of scalability bottleneck?

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