Patrons on annual membership no longer have access to my posts (after successfully paying)

Yesterday I received four messages from four different patrons saying that they can’t access the content on my Patreon page.

All four patrons are on an annual membership. Their account is in good standing, and Patreon successfully collected their annual membership.

Basically, they paid!

However, when they go to my Patreon page, all the posts are locked, and they are being prompted to re-subscribe to PATREON. This is a mistake since they paid for the whole year, and all of them have signed up just a few months ago.

They are all saying that up to the 2nd of July, things were working fine. However, from the 3rd of July (Yesterday), it looks like their membership was somehow removed or canceled.

Also, they told me that with the same account, they could open posts from other creators they support, so it looks like there is a problem with my account only.


  1. I didn’t change anything in my Patreon setting.
  2. I didn’t delete or change any tier.
  3. I didn’t block them.
  4. They are successfully logged in to their Patreon account.
  5. Their email matches their account.

Yet, they can’t access the content, and it seems like their annual membership was removed after just a few months from paying.


I also notified Patreon’s support team.


I have the exact same problem, this is a big issue and it should be resolved ASAP!
I hate having to apologize for Patreons flaws all te time.


Man, I was really hyped for annual options too, but I only ever hear of issues with it.

Another common problem is those of us with posts on the old tier system. People who pay annually, if you let them, can pay cheaper, which means the posts at set dollar amounts are blocked for them. Even if they’re at that tier. (I believe this is also an issue for people with different currencies.)

I’m really sorry this is happening to you both. I would love to be surprised and see them fix this asap.


We have a bunch of posts on r/Patreon on Reddit about this issue, as well.

ETA: Here’s where we’re directing Redditors to post their annual subscription issues, plus an aggregate of all previous posts about them.


Clearly, something is amiss because when I look at the Patron Relationship Manager and select the period July 1, it showed no active patrons, despite all of them having been charged. It did show declined when I filtered for that.

I suspect these things might be related.


Thanks a lot for the support, and thanks for sharing your thoughts on this!

I don’t mean to be rude, but I think Patreon’s support team is an absolute disgrace in the way they handle such problems.

I sent a super detailed email to the support team to explain the problem, sharing all the info I had, asking the most simple question: "Why someone who paid for an annual membership, with an active membership, successfully logged in, can’t open my posts. It looks like his membership was somehow removed/canceled without him knowing."

This is what I got from Alex K (Patreon support team). It is basically a copy and pastes email that has nothing to do with what I asked.

Why do they do that?

Jack, if you read this, fix your support team. They don’t even read the emails. They just copy and paste stuff.

Alex K. (Patreon)

Jul 5, 2021, 1:56 AM PDT


Thank you for reaching out and for your patience as our team worked to get to your request. We’ve received an extremely high volume of emails and are doing our best to get to patrons and creators as quickly as possible.

If you pledged to a creator that has their billing method as charge up front you were billed on the day you pledged and the 1st of the following month. Here’s an article with more details about this: I was charged immediately

A friendly reminder that Patreon’s billing cycle starts at the 1st of the month in the PST time zone, as this is the time in which our site operates, and if you cancel after this time a bill will be placed on your account.

Need help canceling a membership? Refer to our cancellation guide, which will walk you through the steps to cancel. If you’ve already canceled and want to verify the cancellation, log in to your account and navigate to your “Manage memberships” tab. Once you’ve canceled a membership, it’s removed from your Active Memberships page, so if you don’t see the creator listed here then you’ve successfully canceled.

If you canceled your membership or are not seeing any active memberships after logging in and are still being charged for it or were billed twice, you might have another account under a different, or typo’d email address that has an active membership(s).

Do not worry – we can find the account this charge is coming from using your payment method details. Depending on the payment method, please write back with the following information:

Credit card

  • The URL or name of a creator you are supporting and what your profile name may be.
  • Date and amount of your last two payments from Patreon as they appear on your statement.
  • The last four digits of your card.
  • Credit card type (i.e. Visa, Mastercard, Amex).
  • The card’s expiration date.
  • Your current IP address, which can be found at

PayPal Charge

  • The URL or name of a creator you are supporting and what your profile name may be.
  • Date and amount of your last two payments from Patreon as they appear on your statement.
  • Email address tied to your PayPal account
  • Your current IP address, which can be found at

Apple Pay

  • The URL or name of a creator you are supporting and what your profile name may be.
  • Exact date and amount of your last two payments from Patreon as they appear on your statement.
  • The Device Account Number (found by opening Apple Wallet > selecting the card used > clicking the 3 dots in the top right).
  • Your current IP address, which can be found at

With this information, we should be able to find any alternative account out there for you.

For a refund , please refer to this article here: Patreon’s refund policy
To delete your account , you can refer to this article here: Delete my Patreon account

Alex K.

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Thanks a lot for sharing. I know! It is hard to tell someone who just paid almost $200 that you have no idea what is going on :frowning:

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I like annual the annual membership a lot. This is the first time I am having this issue so hopefully they will fix that asap.


Thanks a lot for sharing this!

It could be! Let’s fee it they fix this :slight_smile: