Pay Out button infinitely buffering, doesn't pay out

I can’t seem to take out my cash today, and have been trying it for 3-4 hours. Upon pressing the button, the loading icon shows up on it and nothing happens even if it sits for an hour. Probably -hopefully- a temporary shortage of the function, but I wanted to document it to see if others are also experiencing it, and if there’s a solution for it.

I’ve logged onto Patreon from different devices, VPN settings and everything, but they all resulted in the same outcome. I’ve been using Payoneer service for the transfers (I’m not eligible to use PayPal due to my regional limitations).

I’ve checked my Patreon balance again and I now see a near zero amount, so I assume the transaction did occur at a time I wasn’t connected to Patreon. It hasn’t been enough time for Payoneer to register the transaction records so I hope there hasn’t been any further errors.

This happened to me a few months ago. The loading icon spun forever, and never gave me the indicator that the payout was complete. The next time I logged in, my balance was zero, and the money did arrive in my account the next day.

This should be sorted now. Please let me know if you’re still having problems with this.

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