Paying Patron Can't Access my Posts

Guys, I don’t understand what is going on.

I have plenty of new patrons signing up for my All in Monthly Pass ($15), but they can’t access the posts once they sign up.

This only happens with patrons who pay in euros or pounds.

So, they sign up using the tier. Their credit is converted into either 14.50 euros or 13 pounds. Yet when they try to access Patreon, ask them to join.

Inside the post, the option I select under “Who can see this post” is “Select Tier,” and I select the $15 tier called All in Monthly Pass.

Can someone tell me how to fix this since Patreon doesn’t give a dam about it? I open a ticket last week nobody came back to me.


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It looks like you would have to tell your patrons :confused: Have a look here:

Thanks a lot, Katrin. I was able to fix this. I realized that most of my posts could be seen by the amount pledged and not by tier. Once I manually changed them to tier (600 posts lol), my patrons could access the lessons.

Thanks for your help.


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