Payment Delays

August 7th and still no money send to me by Patreon. WOW.
Is anyone else having this kind of Delay?

Do you mean, you scheduled a transfer (to Paypal or bank account) and it didn’t go through? Or that Patreon didn’t automatically schedule a transfer?

Every month they send the money near the 1st of the month - I have never scheduled anything in particular. Usually I receive it by now.

It looks like they usually make it by the 7th of the month. I will see if it comes by today then.

On Settings / Payout Preferences, you may have Automatic Transfer selected, in which case they schedule a payment on the 5th. May have been effectively the 6th this month since the 5th was a Sunday, I’m not sure. You could check that screen to see if they’re showing a big balance, though, which would suggest the scheduled payment didn’t happen.

Awesome, thanks. I see the transfer has not happened yet.
thanks for your help.

hi there @TribulationSaints, thanks for making this post and I’m sorry to hear this isn’t working as you expected. I would suggest you write to the support team as they have access to your account information and will be able to help :slight_smile:

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