Payment on hold without notification

I’ve been traveling all summer, so I just noticed that I haven’t been paid for 2 months. Went into payment settings and everything was correct. Tried to transfer the balance but it said payment was on hold because there was no W9 on file. Thanks for the head’s up! Not. (I even searched my email to see if there had been some sort of notification. No.)

So I submitted W9 and was finally able to transfer the balance.

Just posting this for anyone else who might have similar issue.

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Hi @lklawless, thank you so much for raising this issue. I checked with the team on how this works and it definitely is a wonky experience!

When a creator adds payment info there’s an option to add tax information and most creators fill it out. However, if you don’t fill it out there’s no notification or alert telling creators that you need to in order to receive payment.

I’ll be bringing this up with the product team so see how we can communicate this better.

Thanks Mindy. It was particularly weird because I’ve been with Patreon for years and always paid on time, apparently without a W9. So for it to suddenly block my payments is what really bothered me.