Payments -- Some delays today for PayPal folks

Just a quick update that some folks may be seeing delays on payouts. I’m just want to stress not to worry, your funds have not disappeared. We have found that this was an issue on PayPal’s end and that your funds will still be transferred to your PayPal account.

This may take a bit longer than usual, but they will arrive.

I know this group generally has a good pulse on this but wanted to be proactive.


Is there a delay for accounts that are using stripe as well? The last few months, my Patreon payout has been deposited between the 5th and 7th of the month, but I haven’t seen my payment come in yet.

We haven’t heard of anything @ScienceMom related to Stripe. Did you already go to: and payout directly? If they have more questions please reach out directly to our CH team so they can dig in on this.

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Thanks @Carla. I have the direct payout set up via Stripe. I checked my account and for the last 6 months the payment has come into my bank account on the 6th or 7th of each month. I know that things being 2 days late this March isn’t necessarily indicative of a problem, but I run a fairly tight budget so if it doesn’t come in by next week I’ll be in trouble with my upcoming video production… :fearful: So just wanted to check in. Can you tell me what CH stands for, and how to best reach out to them just in case things don’t end up procesing this week?

Oh, right! I think that you should be paid out soon - some of it may have to do with the days of week - since the banking side of things runs on bank days. Can you give it one more day and let me know.

And I feel ashamed re: using CH as an abbreviation and not spelling out: Community Happiness is our support team. If you don’t get paid out by tomorrow, please drop them a line. They have way more ways to look up things that I do and will be able to explore the specifics!

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More details here!

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Thanks @Carla!

Did that come through? I meant to follow up yesterday @ScienceMom.

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Not yet @Carla. Thanks for checking. I sent a message to the Community Happiness folks.

I’m curious about this too. Every month, I’ve been getting the emails on the 6th or 7th saying that my payment was sent. This month, nothing, and my bank account settings were correct. I had to manually click Transfer and that prompted the email. Do we have any idea what caused it not to trigger the automatic transfer yet?

I did report this issue to our payments team, but these do seem to be isolated events. I’ll report yours too @jessiegbooks, so the team knows there were a few more folks who were not triggered.

Thank you