Payout continuously blocked and support ignores my emails

My payout is continually blocked,
and I don’t get any response from the messages I send to support.
So why do you block my payout every time I get paid ?
Can you unlock it, give me information and stop blocking it ?
Thanks !

it appears that my messages and requests are being ignored not only by email, but also by the moderators of this community

The community managers here aren’t part of the support team, so the best they could do for you is alert the support team. They can’t fix the problem nor do they have power over those who can. Not to mention you posted at the weekend, when Patreon does not provide support (something I’ve taken them to task for privately, but am now saying publicly that they are remiss in limiting support hours).

You asked a question over the weekend, when they are -not- at work. Give it a business day or two and they should get back to you.

(Agreed. Posting their business hours would be great for everyone so folks know what to expect.)

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It is really strange that during the weekend Patreon cannot give support, but Patreon at the weekend manages to block payments !
Ok no problem we will make a refund to all our patrons and change we will use another platform. Patreon is not the only crowdfunding and we don’t like those who take money with our work but block payments!

That is likely an automated back end function, not something manual by a patreon staffer. Either way, it’s up to you what you do. Best of luck.

Did you verify that you had completed EVERY item necessary to get a payout? There are tax forms, identity information, phone numbers, and other requirements so that Patreon can comply with national and international tax, banking, and money laundering laws. Those are facts of life, and far beyond Patreon’s power to change.

Double check before you do something drastic. And give them reasonable time to investigate. Or, if you prefer, throw up your hands and walk away.

Are they perfect? No. Do they eventually get it right? Usually.

Your call.

Bye bye Patreon !

Wow. Talk about an overreaction. Good luck.

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Hey @Twentythree, sorry for the delay. Please know we’re here to help, even it takes us a bit to get back to you. I just checked on your support ticket and it looks like things were cleared up and the team responded to you earlier today.

Please let me know if you don’t any messages from the team and I’ll have them resend their message ASAP.


Not sure he’ll see it @reyna - he deleted his account…

This was a wild ride.


to be fair, flipping a couple tables over and then aggressively shooting yourself in the foot feels like a contextually appropriate response to kind of anything in 2020