Payout issue (withdraw balance to Payoneer not completing)

Message for Patreon Support.

My withdraw balance payout function isn’t working.

When I click to withdraw balance to pay out to Payoneer, as I have since February 2017, no problem. But today, I’m getting this message:

$xxx will be transferred to Payoneer
This typically arrives 1-3 business days after you request the withdrawal.
We’d love to transfer your account balance to your bank, but the pay out method you’d provided has failed. We recommend navigating to your payout preferences to ensure you’ve entered a valid checking or Paypal account.

I’ve tried several times now, same message each time.

I’ve checked my settings, all looks in order. Nothing has changed with my Payoneer account (I checked it). Please can someone get onto this, as I’m guessing other people are having payout issues too?


PS: I also sent a support note.

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Happened to me last month. I just tried more and more and it… decided to work. It worked for others as well. I suggest you to hammer that button whenever you can.

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Thanks, will continue.

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Thanks! It worked. I’m guessing that we’re all trying to withdraw at the same time, and the system blocks.


Happy to hear it worked out in the end @Ando, thank you for offering help @cuisine :blush: