Payout Option to Not Withdraw Full Amount

It would be great to have the option of withdrawing only a portion of the funds available through Patreon. Sometimes during the month I need to make another withdraw of funds & would like to choose how much I take out.

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Agreed. Sometimes this might be very useful, I thought about this myself several times.

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Are you saying you want Patreon to act like a bank account?

No, I’m saying I would like the option of taking out less than the full amount available. A bank account comes with a debit card, the possibility to earn interest, etc. all of which I don’t need Patreon to do or provide.

just FYI it’s never a good idea to keep money in your patreon/paypal/kofi ect. these services are NOT FDIC insured so if your account gets suspended/hacked/ect and you still have money sitting in it, you are just shit outa luck.

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I know, I’m not talking about leaving a ton of money in there. I’m talking about how during the month we have money that’s available from new pledges. I occasionally withdraw that money during the month if needed but sometimes only need a small amount and would rather leave the bulk of it in there to add to the larger monthly withdrawal at the beginning of the month.

Again, I don’t want to use it as a bank, I am just looking to have a choice in the amount I’m withdrawing.

but by leaving money in your patreon and withdrawing however much you want at any time, then you ARE using it as a bank. you should just withdraw the full amount and be responsible for your own money.

I’m not sure if you’re intentionally sounding aggressive or not but it sort of comes across like that. It was just a suggestion because I’d rather withdraw as much as I can at the beginning of every month so the fees are the lowest but for the times when I withdraw a small amount during the month, I’d like to choose what that amount is. It’s not asking anyone to be responsible for my money any more than Patreon already is. The funds are there all month long anyhow so they are still holding my money. I was just suggesting an option is all. :slight_smile:

my apologies, it’s not my intention to sound aggressive. it’s hard to put inflection into my words in type

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I think the option to do that would be great - sometimes you want to withdraw a certain amount for a specific expense or project (or an unexpected expense, in which case the option would be really useful!).

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