Payout Page Not Loading?

Don’t know if this is just anissue for me but I can’t load the payout page, it just gives me a white screen.

It’s doing this on my main PC and my laptop, anyone else having this touble?

Yes, I also experience this.

A little infuriating as it happens right at the beginning of a new month. Or that it’s a bit of an upsetting April Fools joke. Or just a hiccup caused by the monthly transition period and hopefully it’s short-lived.

EDIT: Issue’s still ongoing, so I believe this issue needs a manual solution from their end. Just waiting for the people living in Americas to wake up.

EDIT 2: Blank white page appears on any device, even after upon cleaning my cache and cookies, even after using different browsers. An inspection in the page’s source code reveals that page comes through the server-side as intented (I can access my user balance from the Page Source) but with its functionality has either conflicted with itself or manually hidden in order to not allow some patrons to cash out for the time being. If it’s the latter, it’s fine and understandable, but a heads up disclaimer from anywhere would be nice.

I’m also getting a blank white page today, on my desktop, using the most recent version of Chrome.

Yeah, I know it’s a Sunday and a holiday but I hate these payout-day glitches.

It’s only 7:30 am on the west coast. Hopefully someone will be on it today to rectify.

It’s online on my page now, hopefully all yours are fixed as well! Thank you Patreon.

Payments are processing - I did confirm with the payments team. Keep me posted on payments page weirdness!

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