Paypal capped amount Vs. Payoneer

Hello Everybody, this is Karim from France, host of YouTube channel “Karim Ukulele Therapy”.
I’ve been using payoneer for over a year and they blocked my last payment because of a out of date ID CARD.
My question is : if I move to Paypal, are money transfert capped to 25 US $ ?? It looks very very low, or I didn’t get it ?
Thank you !

This cap relates to the transfer fee, not your earnings.

Every time you transfer money to Paypal, you pay a 1% transfer fee. At the lowest this fee is 25 cents, but for higher pay-outs the transfer fee is capped at 20 USD. So you’ll never pay more than 20 dollars in fees. There’s no cap on your earnings, obviously :wink:

Not everywhere at least, in my country the amount of PayPal account capped to $5000 and this may be a problem since Patreon doesn’t provide partly payouts.