Paypal Vs Stripe

Have you guys worked out what the best system is? I know they work out fairly closely, just curious if anyone’s gone into the details.

I much prefer PayPal because you get your money instantly - and that includes when I take my Patreon payout. I have Stripe on another site (my Zibbet store) and they hold on to payment for a week before it deposits to my checking account. I keep Stripe on that site because customers like it, but but for me it’s better when they use PayPal.

In fairness, though - I haven’t used Stripe for my Patreon payouts so I don’t know if it works the same way. But I’m not willing to risk waiting a week for my payout, when I know I can get it instantly with PayPal.

I switched to Stripe because the fees were slightly smaller. It doesn’t look like the fees for Stripe are listed on the helpdesk anymore, however, just the fees for payoneer and paypal.

My stripe payouts don’t usually take longer than a day or two

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I much prefer Stripe: smaller fees and automatic payout. Plus I had issues with PayPal suddenly deciding to freeze my account because I was outside of the US and I just don’t trust them any more.

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this! I completely quit using PayPal, they can literally do whatever they want with your money.