People who "make a mistake" when subscribing

Today I had a problem. One person subscribed to my patreon for $ 1 (my most basic subscription) and then I changed the value to $ 50, then changed it to my $ 5 subscription and then canceled it again (I have configured my patreon with CUF). He tells me by private message that he made a mistake and wants me to return the $ 50 dollars. When I check his payment history, I only see a payment of $ 1 and a payment of $ 49, so I have no option to return $ 45.

Honestly, by all means it gives me a very bad feeling, and it is a general pain every month this type of people who make mistakes when subscribing and then ask for solutions where as an artist I must take risks. I would appreciate if there were possibilities for partial refunds, as well as more steps to confirm payments so there would be no excuses for people making “mistakes”.

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I’ve had this happen and felt it was quite fishy. I contacted Patreon about it and eventually they found out the person was trying it with multiple creators and it wasn’t at all an accident.

The fact that this person changed tiers sounds to me like they went in, grabbed the content they wanted (or tried to), and now they want a refund so it all ends up free.

I very seriously doubt this person made a mistake.

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