Per Creation Questions

hey y’all,
my names jefrey, writing from brooklyn, just about to launch my patreon and was curious any pointers as to how you launch the first release? I’m doing PER CREATION and have a new album “jefinitely!” I’m gonna be releasing a song per month.

Wanted to ask advice, specifically - I first send out email/texts to friends to sign up AND THEN (?) release a song so that I get paid for that? Or do I have, say, one song up so that when they sign up there’s something waiting for them? Then following on from there?

Also any rookie mistakes to avoid?

It’s up to you, but I think having one song already posted, and exclusive to patrons, might be a nice incentive for folks to pledge.


Thanks @lisavollrath appreciate it! Is there a discord group I could join where more discussions like this happen? Or is this board the best place?

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We do have a Discord server for creators to connect with each other and have these type of discussions! Click here to join. :hugs:

hey @reyna thanks (!) but the link is dead? It opens Discord but then say’s “invalid”?

Oh no, sorry about that! Here is the correct link. :slight_smile: