Per Episode vs. Monthly

I’m requesting that patrons be able to choose to pledge per month or per creation and that this choice be clear to them.

I am a per-episode creator. No, I can’t go to per-month because one third of my income comes from patrons who prefer to pledge per-episode.

However many of my patrons who prefer per-month donations (and my reward structure is structured for per-month donations) are confused by Patreon’s system of limiting the times you pledge. I’ve explained to them multiple times that they have to check under their donation amount and put in “1” and many still don’t understand it.

What I’d like to see is a very clear system for these patrons. They put in their amount, they check if they want it “per month” or “per episode.” And then put in how many episodes they’d like to pledge for if they check “per episode.”

I would like the ability, as a creator, to decide if the “per month” or “per episode” option is automatically checked.

I think this change would significantly increase Patreon’s usability and clarity as well as add functionality and I’d appreciate it a great deal.


I would appreciate this a lot. I cannot emphasize enough how much I would appreciate this.

This would indeed be awesome.

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Hi there! Just wanted to chime in and let you know that we won’t be offering a patron setting around this. However, we do have plans to update the pledge flow to make that limiting functionality much more clear (and not as hidden). It’s not scheduled just yet, but it’s on our list!

Hi Erin, I believe you guys did something to address this issue but there seems to be another one.

Now my patrons are telling me that when they raise their patronage mid-month it’s no longer applied to the next episode I put through. Previously it was.

So if a patron pledged 15$ for one episode at the beginning of the month, that 15 for one episode would be pledged for the first episode of the month. But then if they up their pledge to 30$ on, say the 15th of the month, that additional 15$ would be applied to the NEXT episode put out that month.

Now it seems to roll over into the next month which has significantly reduced my patreon income!

Hi @honeybadgersradio! Would you mind DMing me the name of one of the patrons where you saw this behavior? (And/or anything else that can help me pinpoint an example of it happening.)

It’s not really behaviour, it’s just something I noticed seems to happen with Patreon’s system now. Maybe I was operating under an assumption that was incorrect but I thought that when a patron increases their pledge, the additional amount is pledged for the next creation.

As you can see on May 4th, Mathew Hill increased their pledge by 50$. However the increase doesn’t seem to be applied to the next creation I put through.


Actually now, yes. I’ve had some people up their patron pledges, receive their discord rewards for the month then reduce before having to be charged.