Performance Artists - a tough sell

Hi -

I’ve been a member of Patreon for a little over a year now running a contemporary dance collective based in Brooklyn called LoudHoundMovement - Patreon Page Here. Things have been going well, but we’ve hit an income wall recently and actually lost a few big patrons. There are probably a lot of little reasons as to why this has happened, but I think one of the bigger reasons is that my art form doesn’t lend itself well to constantly creating new content for our patrons online.

I’m curious if other performance artists (theater and dance especially) have found ways to engage with their donor base better or have structured their Patreon page / rewards in a creative way to engage with fans more.

Any advice would be much appreciated! (Also noting that dance / theater isn’t even a topic in the community here despite being a genre of Patreon page :confused:)