Perhaps a quick notepad type thing in the patron manager?

Here’s something that might be nice for some creators…

In “per creation” mode we actually got the names of the paid posts so that we knew what we were rewarding our patrons for, but in monthly mode, we just get the month+year.

I get why that is, but I think it’d be helpful to remind us what we accomplished that month (ie. what we’re rewarding our patrons for) which could be done in one of the following ways:

  • a list of post subjects/topics from that month (or the previous month, depending on whether the patreon is set to charge upfront or not)
  • a small scratchpad/notepad/textbox that can be saved where we can write out what we are sending out
  • a combination of the two

I think this would be fairly easy to implement, and really help us stay on top of what we’re sending out.