Permissions Transfer for New Tiers

I just created a new (higher) tier. Unfortunately, I use the ‘patron tier’ feature to limit posts to select tiers. Now I need to go through all of my old posts and activate each for the new tier. This is super time consuming.

Upon creating the tier, or as an option when editing it, it’d be great if there were a way for me to transfer all the permissions from one tier to the new tier.

This would be such a time saver across the patreon community!




This has been requested before. Given how long it’s been, I can’t imagine it’s high on the priority list. It was a pain to add posts to a new tier back when I added one, there’s no way I’m going to do that again now. :confused:

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Bulk-editing tags & tier access would be such a time-saver. I have been putting this off, because it’s just too much work to edit 600 posts…


I finally bit the bullet and did it. Then I moved all my archives content to and use the benefit tracker for when I manually add someone. That way, I won’t ever have to do it again and those old posts will just take up space in Patreon’s database.