Person X sent you a message

Hello! Whenever I get a message Patreon, I also get an email. Which is great.
It would be awesome though, to be able to reply to that email instead of needing to go to

Is that possible?


Hey @arvidurs, this is not a feature at the moment. We’ve heard a few creators mention this though, so I will be sure to share with the team! Thanks for sharing your feedback.

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Add in a “Email When Patron Cancels” option while you’re at it, please.




should be

I agree. “Reply by replying” should also exist in relation to email notifications about comments, which - by the way - should also inform the recipient which post was commented on. It can be hugely frustrating to try and figure that out at times, because depending on the device you are using, getting to the actual post can be convoluted, particularly if you are not already logged in.