Phantom Notifications

So today I wake up and check my Patreon page to find a notification waiting for me. My pledge amount and number of patrons is the same so I assume it is a like or a comment to a post (both very important to me as a writer because it helps influence what I write in the future.) I go into the “Notifications” section and see… Nothing. No new information that I can work out and this is far from the first time this has happened.

It’s a relatively minor thing in the grand scheme of things but I was wondering if there is any plans on revamping the Notifications section to make it more creator friendly?

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Yeah, this is a common problem with notifications. Happens fairly often.


I checked with the team and they agree; notifications need a lot of love. We don’t have a concrete Q4 roadmap yet, but revamping notifications is something we might do. Keep leaving any thoughts or suggestions around notifications in this thread!


Please let us get notifications when non-patrons comment. That is more important to me than knowing every time a patron clicked the heart (though I like that too). Anyone bothering to comment who isn’t a patron is literally as close to converting as you can get. We need to be able to respond timely to them so they know they matter.

I know we get email notifications, but I only check mine once a day. There is too great a possibility their comment will be lost in a sea of spam or at best, not seen for 24 hours. I need to connect with these people.


I’ll add in that I typically only get visual notifications for “level 1” comments, as in;

  • I make a post about something
  • Someone makes a comment on the post (ex. “Hey, what’s going to get released at the end of the month?”)

I’ll get a notification for that ^ but if say, I reply to it saying “Oh, this and that is going to get released”, and then someone replies to that comment, for example with “Ok, that sounds good to me!”…

…that’s the comment I’ll get a notification for on the sidebar, but when I click to see what the new notification was, it just shows the same comment thread, but it doesn’t show any actual new comments on it, so I have to go to the post to search through the comments to see if anything’s new.

It’d also be cool if we could “pin” a comment or reply, if say, someone had a really good idea in a comment or I said something important in a reply that everyone should see before replying, that’d be good to be able to pin those comments.


HentailWriter, I didn’t realize that at all! We might be missing some comments because of this. We’ve been relying on seeing the new comments in the sidebar. Do you at least get an email when someone replies to a comment?

I have no idea, I never check my emails for notifications, to be honest, I just really entirely on Patreon for that stuff.

One thing I notice is that, when navigating as a creator, the sidebar on the left (including notifications) is loaded before the content on the right. While this is the way you think it should logically work, the result is that when we click “notifications”, it loads the sidebar first, and notifications page second. Since (technically) we haven’t seen our notifications when the sidebar is loaded – even when we are visiting the notifications page – the indicator is not cleared. So then we see the new notifications, and also think we still have notifications. A quick refresh of the page or just clicking notifications to load the page again clears the indicator, but I’ll agree it is annoying. A front-end engineer could probably fix this up pretty quickly…?

This is new: one patron cancelled their pledge and this did not show up in notifications, but I’m positive that used to be the case. That is not an improvement!

We received a notification of a patron cancelling their pledge 2 days ago, so it was working at least then. There do seem to be a lot of bugs around notifications, and I second the idea that no longer being notified of patrons cancelling pledges would not be appreciated.

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Just this week I had 3 notifications and I went there and I’d seen all of the items in my notification window. I have no idea what those 3 things were that it was notifying me about. Later that same day 6 notifications. 5 were new, but I don’t know what the last one was. I went through my email and spam scouring them for email notifications, which meant I had to open every Patreon email to see if that was it. I never did figure out what those 4 notifications were about.

I usually can’t figure out what 1-2 notifications are per week. If these are followers clicking like on some old post that I had re-shared through Recurpost, I would never know. If they are commenting on some old post, unless I open every email notification from Patreon I wouldn’t know.

I love new stuff, but this is some pretty high priority old stuff that needs a complete overhaul. If we can’t quickly and easily connect with our followers, we can’t convert them into patrons.

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Yes, that has been an ongoing frustration, that it seems like Patreon is frequently focusing on new features when the old features don’t work that well. I’d really prefer if they would get all the current functions rock solid before branching out to new things.

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