Pinned messages and file database

This would be a really good feature, all normal social media platforms have this and would be cool. We have the 5 favorite topics or categories already why not make the extra step

Also a section where files can be for users or patrons to access the files that are encrypted for each download so the link cant be shared

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Hi @jaihaze, welcome to the forum! Thanks for joining and making this feature request. We’re currently looking for feedback about having a pinned or featured post here: Open Studio #6: Improving support for About section! Please leave your feedback there for this feature addition so we can collect it all in one place and answer the questions the team needs.

I will pass your request on for a file database but first please can you answer the following questions so I can understand more about what challenge you’re trying to solve? What are you currently using to deliver content? What content are you hoping to share in an encrypted fashion? What method of encryption are you hoping for? Would be on an individual level or a timed basis? More info would be great!