Pinned post for patron only


I’m thinking of having a pinned post (similar to Facebook) for patreon only, as I always update the description for updates (monthly rewards, etc.), which can be seen publicly. What do you guys think about it? Or is there already a way that I could do it?

Thank you. :smile:


I’m not one hundred percent sure about what I’d use a pinned post for but I’m sure it could be a useful feature to have!

Maybe if you do a news related post and you want it to be at the top while it’s relevant?

Example like “this month’s reward for all of the patron”, and I post at the first week of the month, then it will be pushed down by the following few posts that I will be posting. Then new patron or one’s that check ones in a blue moon would need to take a while to find it.

I love this. Great idea!

We NEED pinned posts. Right now, this is in my top 3 of the features I’d love to see. I have had to answer the good old “When’s the next Episode coming out?” question about 300 times in just a few months. Peoeple who are already familiar with your intruduction / overview page will only look at your posts.

Pinned posts would be awesome to display important info to new Patrons, without having them scroll thorugh my 3-4 posts a week.
Major “timeline” based platforms has it (twitter, facebook), I think it’s a very powerful feature to implement, for both creators and patrons.

+1 on this idea, The tags system is hard to set and some patrons get lost on the content. With a pinned post with links and important information this is going to be fixed. I use discord for that but not all patrons are on discord.