Plant trees with us!

When Mr. Beast hit 20M subscribers on youtube, his fans challenged him to plant 20M trees to celebrate. So… he’s doing it. He started the #TeamTrees campaign aimed at raising $20M to planting 20M trees by Jan 1, 2020. Every dollar donated is a tree planted.

There’s nothing better than seeing the creator community rally together around an incredible cause. Team Trees has already hit the halfway point and raised enough to plant 10M trees.

We just donated $10,000 and would love to challenge all creators to join in & add some more beauty to the world at Every little bit counts!

P.S you can see a video from Jack about this here!


I love the #teamtrees project! I did a video about forests in the desert. If you also made something for the project - let me know! I’d love to retweet and share your post.


Great video @ScienceMom! I really enjoyed it and have always wanted to go to the Mohave desert, it looks so beautiful :slight_smile:

Wow! #teamtrees got a great boost yesterday with a 1M donation from Elon Musk. They’re now at 15M trees with a goal of 20M. I’m in!