Please allow for Vimeo "channels" in the about section


I have asked for this feature before and was hoping that with the “relaunch” (that I still have to get warm with) it might get available.
Since Youtube is not displaying correct view counts, making it difficult to judge what “works” for the audience (if you are not creating mass compatible videos, that is :wink: ) and since Youtube’s compression algorithms can be a real problem for some material, most tutorial creators I personally know have switched to Vimeo long time ago. Besides, the community on Vimeo is so much more mature, honest, helpful and fun to work with, that you really wish Youtube would allow you to hand-pick your commentators :slight_smile:

Unfortunately Patreon only supports Youtube-channel links. I do not want to direct anyone to my Youtube channel, I want to direct them to my Vimeo page - for the reasons outlined above, but also because I plan to publish paid videos, which Vimeo supports but YT does not.

Please support my suggestion to include Vimeo channel links on the about / profile page by commenting on this thread. I am not saying “replace YT by Vimeo”, I am simply asking for a CHOICE.



Yes I would like that too.

I would also like an Instagram option. Throw your visual artists a bone, already!

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What Malbrecht said! I host all of my videos on Vimeo (including a 5 week Practical Color Theory And Mixing Course). I love their interface from a design point of view. I know YouTube is a giant, but it would be nice to have a choice as to where we direct our patrons (all 2 of them for me, right now… :joy:). Plus, in the spirit of Patreon, it would give the smaller Vimeo a boost (grin). I’ve posted two videos - hosted on Vimeo - here with no problem of being viewed. No problems from others watching my course videos from any device, either. Please show a little Vimeo Love :heart_eyes:.

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