Please change how postal addresses are shown in Relationship Manager

It is sometimes impossible to decipher postal addresses in Relationship Manager. Due to a lack of labels, it can be hard to know whether a number relates to the street address, the unit/apartment number, or a postal/zip code. This is because address conventions vary from country to country.

Patreon, please can you make it so that when we look up Patrons in Relationship Manager, each address item has a the field name next to it?

So rather than this:
John Doe

We have this:
Name: John Doe
Unit/apartment number: 3
Street address: 41 Birchwood Rd
Zip/postal code: 2110

I am wasting hours playing Google Maps detective to understand how to decipher postal addresses, and writing to Patrons to clarify their address - which makes the process of fulfilling rewards even more time consuming than it already is!

This could be so easily rectified with a simple tweak to how the postal address is presented. Please :cold_sweat:

Thanks Patreon, we love u :kissing_heart:


I would also like something to do be done with the addresses, as I wrote in another thread. The copy feature adds tons of tabs/spaces to the address so it’s basically useless. Please fix it.

The Benefit Manager displays addresses in a much better way though I wish it added USA at the end of each US address. Why do international addresses have the country included but not USA? It makes no sense, and I’m not a US creator.

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Very much agreed. And to be sure that states/provinces/territories/etc get properly inputted. There have been a few times where I’ve had to clarify with the patron because it was left out.

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I was just logging in here to ask about that! I was surprised to see all of the extra spaces when I copied someone’s address. That should be an easy fix. :slight_smile:


Thank you all for this great feedback. I’ll make a note of these ideas and pass them along to our product team.


Dear @camhupp - thank you for passing this on to your product team, but I think you might have misunderstood the issue here, because I received a message from Patreon suggesting I sign up with a third party to manage and track rewards (for a price).

I mean, sure that seems like a really valuable service, but it’s “overkill” for the problem I and other creators are experiencing and reporting to Patreon.

You see, the problem is not due to our inability to collect and manage the rewards. The problem stems from the way Patreon captures Patron data at sign up, and then presents it to us in the Relationship manager.

ATM if a Patron signs up and enters their address as “Unit 3, 4 Gold St, Sydney” - it’s not clear in the Relationship Manager whether they live at Unit 3, 4 Gold St, Sydney - or at Unit 4, 3 Gold St, Sydney - or at Unit 3, 4 Sydney St, Gold, etc

This problem is super simple to fix - Patreon simply needs to include the field category in Relationship Manager, so that the data is clearly labeled! :slight_smile:

Currently, the only way to know the correct address is for us to write to Patrons asking them to clarify their address. Which is a huge waste of a creator’s time. Especially when you don’t get an answer and have to follow up more than once.

Using a third party integration would not solve this problem as they would still have to clarify the address with the Patron, so the solution I received from the product team is not even a solution really.

I hope you can see that this is something very easy for Patreon to address. Please can you forward this to the IT team so they can consider updating the way data is captured and presented?

Kind regards