Please do something about banking payout options


The current options of Payoneer and Paypal are lacking a bit.

The first one doesn’t work for Germany, the largest economy in the EU.

The latter is extremely expensive, has abysmal or non-existing customer service.

Patreon, I have two suggestions:

  1. Please use TransferWise. It will save all of us tons of money and time.
  2. Let us enter our IBAN or SWIFT codes for direct transfers.

There’s absolutely no reason I can see that Paypal should sit in the middle and vampire our transfers here.


I would love a Transferwise option. Paypal is a bloody racket.


Yes, we also really need the ability to withdraw earned funds via SWIFT.

Unfortunately, both available options (PayPal and Payoneer) have big problems with the law in our country, and we cannot withdraw the earned funds. SWIFT is the only legal option that would work for us.

It’s a critical issue in our case. And our money is stuck on Patreon due to the lack of SWIFT.

Hi @Creator, thanks for reaching out. I’m terribly sorry you aren’t able to withdraw your creator balance. If you haven’t already, please submit a ticket to the support team. They are able to help you more than I can!

Start a ticket here:

All payment processors/banks are vampires, but PayPal is one of the worst, especially if anything at all goes wrong.


And what about adding alternative payout methods @reyna?

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Hey @wild_guy - Stripe, PayPal, and Payoneer remain our main payment processors. We currently don’t have any plans to add another alternative payout methods, but I’ve made a note of your feedback!

I already did, and they did not help. The only legal option suitable for us is SWIFT. But it is not available now, so our money stuck until the implementation of SWIFT payouts. I hope you will implement it soon, because it’s critical problem for us and for other creators from a lot of countries.

Most of my friends who also were creators on Patreon in the past left Patreon because of this problem.

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More than $8000 of my balance stuck on Patreon because there is no SWIFT.

I know, maybe for US citizens, it’s not a that big sum, but in our country, it’s more than the average annual salary, so it’s a matter of death and life (literally) to have a SWIFT option.


@reyna is it possible to implement partial payouts? The whole amount payout may cause exceeding Paypal account limit and declining the transaction, I just faced with this and thinking how to solve the problem…

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I just saw that others have brought this up - Patreon, please can we have a review of the payout options?

Hey @wild_guy - for full transparency, partial payouts isn’t on the roadmap right now. But we hear your feedback and know this is being asked for! We’ll definitely let you know if things change and we roll this out.

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Thanks @reyna :slightly_smiling_face:

What about this critical problem?

I totally agree, we are paying a lot of fees that gives us no value what so ever. I am lucky enough to have a large user base and I am paying hundreds(!) of dollars in fees each month. For me this is so serious that I am thinking of leaving since I can use e.g. Stripe and take care of my patrons myself.

Please prioritize this.


I’m glad to read this suggestion being posted, and the discourse below. In recent months I’ve had several patrons drop off AND have had several patrons NOT sign up, because of the commission charges.

It feels like after 6 years of thriving, my Patreon is winding down. I also feel penalised for earning very little - which then shrinks with the terrible charges via Paypal, plus currency conversion and percentage to Patreon.

There could be a lower-end charge-free level of Patreon Creator membership, plus the direct payment to our banks, which would allow artists like myself to subsist. Patreon is unfortunately becoming unsustainable for me.

@Creator - I apologize for the delay. Please start a support ticket so the payments team can help with your payout.

Everyone else, thank you for your thoughtful feedback. I don’t have any updates at the time but I will let you know when we do.

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I would also like to point out that the options available to open a ticket are not enough.

Ticket options

There isn’t any “I want to suggest a new feature” or the most important one: “I have a problem”


I use ‘I have a question about Patreon’ which leads to options to specify that you’re having trouble with something, but it ought to be clearer, @reyna

Thanks for pointing it out @Sigma91, I’ve shared the feedback with the support team!