Please do something about banking payout options

I would like to add my feedback here too.

I don’t mind paying fees to transfer money, that’s just part of life… but Payoneer’s conversion fees are ridiculous - they are five times higher than what my bank or Transferwise charge. It would save me about $10k a year if I could cut them out! That’s a HUGE amount of money being wasted for simply withdrawing earnings! It feels like we are being robbed.

What’s worse is even if you withdraw to a USD bank account they STILL charge you 2% even though there’s no conversion happening which is so infuriating! I also found their customer support to be awful, I’ve had a couple of serious issues withdrawing funds which cost me a lot of time and stress.

I’ve used Transferwise before and found them much better than Payoneer and their fees are much more reasonable. There are plenty more alternatives out there.

I appreciate there’s probably a lot of things to consider when changing the payout options but there must be a lot of non US creators that would benefit from this. It doesn’t seem right that we are forced to use Payoneer/Paypal. Please could this be looked into urgently!


A quick survey question:
Patreon cares about its creators (disagree 0 agree 10)…

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0 - They do NOT care.

They believe that patrons are their customers and we are fungible suppliers, no different from their office supply company. There have been very few (some would argue no) changes that have been beneficial to creators.,

@Michael_Loucks, honestly I would not be so categorical and I can’t agree totally. Generally I like what Patreon do for creators but definitely they should pay more attention to some most asked features.

@wild_guy - compare with the very public plans and activities of SubscribeStar and BuyMeACoffee who monitor, support, and respond to requests for new features, and implement them based on creator interest. Both of them give creators full access to development plans and serious input. Patreon does not.

@Michael_Loucks do you think I should change the platform?

@wild_guy - that’s a difficult question to answer without more details. I create a BuyMeACoffee account and a SubscribeStar account and I’m testing them. I am offering BuyMeACoffee to my patrons as an alternative in ‘beta’ for the moment. What I do in the future depends on how those tests work out.