Please fix the issues of video/audio not having 'play buttons'!

I haven’t heard anyone else talking about this, but my video and audio posts just show thumbnails with no play buttons, so people don’t know to click the image to play the file. Is this a bug, or an intentional thing? Either way it’s definitely not working for me. Would love to know what’s up with this?

Example here:

Thanks guys


Thanks for flagging this Nate! I can confirm it’s a bug — we’re working on getting it solved.

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Epic, thanks so much! Is there a specific place for bug reporting? I’ve known for a while about this one, just didn’t know who to tell :joy:

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The friendly support team! They will spend time troubleshooting the issue with you to work out all the details, then they file it so it can be prioritized and fixed.

If you do that but the bug is still frustrating you, hindering your ability to be a creator on Patreon, or it’s something urgent with your account or payouts, you can always reach out to me or post in here.

Any news on this bug? I still seem to have it, last I checked

I just checked and it’s been assigned to a dev who is actively working on it :slight_smile: no ETA on time though.

@natemaingard just got confirmation the fix went out! let me know if the bug is still there for you.

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Oh yay, it’s working, I just posted a soundcloud linked song, and the play button is there, YAY!

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